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Are the New York Yankees Still Savages in the Box?: The 2020 Update

Opening Day of MLB’s 2020 shortened regular season fell less than a week after the one-year anniversary of New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s now-infamous “Savages in the Box” remarks. The Definition of Savage: (adj) fierce, ferocious, or cruel,  (noun) a fierce, brutal, or cruel person, (synonyms) brutal, fierce, ferocious, vicious, unrelenting, pitiless, relentless, merciless, […]


Fact, There Will Be No MLB BASEBALL Until There’s a Vaccine For Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Series in December?

Sorry to point out the obvious, but it’s just common sense. I can’t see how any Pro sports league, is going to reopen without a Vaccine being put in place. What does this mean? Well it can mean a lot of things, like. Possibly seeing the World Series being played in December? If 2020’s Fall/Winter […]