Yankees First ST Win: Sanchez With a Mammoth Shot Over CF, Gittens Grand Slam Gives Yanks Lead.



The Yankees made up for yesterdays lost against the Blue Jays with a 5-4 win against the Detroit Tiger’s and former Houston Astros manager AJ Hinch.

Cole and Taillon also made there first debut this ST. The Yankees recently acquired Taillon from the Pirates this offseason.

Cole didn’t start off strong but only gave up 1 run, 3 hits with 1K in the 1st. His velocity was there and 2/3 hits he gave up were below 75MPH off the bat. This is ST and we want our guys to go out there and get reps. Numbers do not matter.

More importantly, Taillon followed in the 2nd with a 1-2-3 inning with 1 strikeout. He looked very sharp after coming back from his second TJ. He only threw 7 pitches in his 1 inning of work. This was our first look on his new short arm delivery and his nasty curveball Cole praised him for.

As we know, Cole and Taillon are very close friends who go all the way back to their Pittsburg Pirate days. Cole, drafted with the 1st pick in 2011, and Taillon drafted with the 2nd pick in 2010. It was bound for these two to finally combine forces again, and better yet for the New York Yankees.

In addition, Cole praised Taillon and vouched for him when the Yankees made the deal to acquire him from the Pirates. “If you’re going to bet on someone, if you’re going to fight someone, I told them that Jameson is the guy you want next to you,” Cole stated. “He’s not in a hurry. He always makes people around him better. He’s one of the most resilient people I’ve ever known.”  Just from Cole’s words alone, I’m super excited to see Taillon pitch in the Bronx. As every other Yankee fan should. This guy is legit.

Furthermore, we got to see Nick Nelson come out the pen throwing 2 shutout innings. Nelson showcases a nasty repertoire with a devastating fastball. He is another solid arm that could come up big in late innings. Definitely another player we should look closely at this spring.

Now on the most important player we’re all looking at this spring, Sanchez.

Sanchez came up big today with his mammoth shot over the tall CF wall. I don’t think that ball has even come down yet. Sanchez’s approach at the plate looked much better than yesterdays. We hope he can keep this same approach and carry it over to the regular season and most importantly the postseason. Sanchez can really put this team over the top if he can get back to his 2016/2017 self.

In addition Gittens also came up big for the Yankees today. He blasted a Grand Slam in the 5th to ultimately give the Yankees the lead. We know he has pop and this probably wont be his last HR of the spring. The Yankees are pretty tight at 1B with Voit and potentially Bruce/Ford backing Voit up. So he will likely stay down in the minors. Gittens could also be a piece the Yankees use for a trade before the deadline passes.

For tomorrows game, Jordan Montgomery will start on the road against our division rivals, the Baltimore Orioles. First pitch will be at 1:05PM EST. Corey Kluber will also make his first start of ST Wednesday night at home against the Blue Jays. Two big games every Yankee fan should look forward too.

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