Fact, There Will Be No MLB BASEBALL Until There’s a Vaccine For Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Series in December?

Sorry to point out the obvious, but it’s just common sense. I can’t see how any Pro sports league, is going to reopen without a Vaccine being put in place.

What does this mean?

Well it can mean a lot of things, like. Possibly seeing the World Series being played in December?

If 2020’s Fall/Winter is anything like 2019’s. https://weather.com/news/climate/news/2020-03-13-second-warmest-winter-on-earth-noaa-finds (Earth Just Had Its Second-Warmest Winter, NOAA Finds) We’re looking at decent enough weather to play in.

Plus, wouldn’t it be cool. To have Christmas right around the corner? Or, have MLB during Christmas? A New Vaccine might not be available till June. (or any other method of controlling coronavirus outbreaks) Making it line up for December. That’s if, MLB decides to play a full season.

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