Use Your Brain, Brian Cashman & The Yankees Are All Over Nolan Arenado

Ever heard the term “White on Rice?” Of course you have, now. Have you Ever heard, Brian Cashman on Nolan Arenado?

If Brian Cashman were to ask, a mad Scientist. To somehow make a living human being from scratch. He would tell that mad Scientist, to create Nolan Arenado.

Here let me explain…

Brian Cashman has always been a huge fan of Arenado. Matter of fact, his love for these types of defensive/offensive players goes way back to Eric Chavez. If there’s one thing about Cashman, if he likes a player. He’ll eventually snag them up. Doesn’t matter if they’re past their prime at the time of doing so.

Nolan Arenado is a Brian Cashman GUY!

Brian Cashman has always let it be known, if he could upgrade any position. If the opportunity presented itself, he’s all in.

Arenado’s Situation Sounds Way Too Similar To How Stanton Talked His Way Out Of Miami (A look inside how The Yankees could make a trade for Nolan work.)

So use your brain, if Nolan Arenado is available. Cashman & The Yankees are thinking of many ways to make it happen. It’s not everyday you get a chance at a 7x Gold Glove award winner/3x Platinum Glove award winner.

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