Will This Red Sox Win Wake The NYY Organization up? @YankeesScoop

The Yankees have a ton of things to consider in the offseason. You have to wonder if the Red Sox winning the ALDS against the Rays encourages them to shake up the organization. Will be interesting to see if Hal has the dignity and emotional investment in this team needed to make changes. Surely losing to your division rival during what was supposed to be a rebuild phase for them has to bother Hal? Will this encourage the Yankee organization to spend or will it prove to them that their payroll amount isn’t too little? Hal Steinbrenner has said time and time again after losing that this team has not failed. Despite not winning an AL Pennant since 2009. With a payroll among the highest in baseball. Yankees fired Girardi “because he wasn’t nice enough to players” according to those with insider knowledge. The Yankees hired Boone who has been the guy they wanted. He’s not critical of his players at all. Which seems to be part of the problem. Managers like Alex Cora and Kevin Cash are extremely critical of their players when they do not perform up to their abilities. So was A.J. Hinch. As much as fans and myself sometimes blame Aaron Boone, he isn’t the main problem. While I can’t defend him because I believe he does need to go for the sake of change. The problem lies within the deeper roots of the organization. The analytic department and Brian Cashman need to get the majority of flack. How is it this team had such a righty dominant lineup in the beginning of the year? How is it our shifting is so bad? When teams like the Rays seem to shift against us perfectly. How is it our lineup is made mostly of power hitters with no balance? Didn’t they realize you can’t expect solo home-runs to win a ballgame? And yet the Blue Jays also had 40 more home runs than the Yankees. I get the hate on batting average but, it’s what the Yankees need to value more. The Yankees have lots of explaining to do. Its time they come out and make a statement that differs from their usual “We will always put a competitive team on the field”. Its time for serious change. Fans want to see organizational changes. This simply isn’t working, they are supposed to better than this. They are the New York Yankees after all. Sadly other teams have realized they are no longer something to fear. They are FAR from the “fully operational death star” they think they are.